Photography Workshop Ladies Captured Beautiful Light

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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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My photography workshop ladies captured beautiful light!  After taking summer off it felt great to be back to teaching women how to use their cameras. See the light bulbs going off in their heads, watching as they grasp the concepts of Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO and then seeing them capture beautiful images of our models is so empowering. My October workshop was no exception.
Each woman came with her own story, her own goals, her own reasons for taking the photography workshop. Yet the desire to take better images and take them on their own terms created an instant bond. As we progressed through the day practicing each lesson on toys and Sawyer’s Minnie Mouse, I couldn’t wait to see what the ladies captured once our babies arrived!

Photography Workshop Ladies Captured Beautiful Light

Our models were SO adorable. I’m so grateful to these moms who took time out of their day to allow the ladies to practice their new skills on a live model! And wait until you see how these photography workshop ladies captured beautiful light!

This first image Rachel captured is just stunning. The lighting is so warm and beautiful. And her use of light featuring this little guy while mom is there softly in the background is just gorgeous.

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

I love me some backlighting and Katie nailed it. Backlighting can be tricky, but she captured a beautiful image with baby boy looking right at us! I just love how the window light is blasted out leaving baby boy center stage!

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

Heidi also worked with backlighting and look at how stunning this image is! I love how mom is just subtly in the corner, so you feel her comforting presence, yet all the focus is on this baby boy. The way the background is blasted out, too, adds to the power of this image!

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

The ladies also went behind just capturing beautiful light. I was stunned at how many details these ladies captured. Like this next image Heidi captured. I just adore how baby boy has his mamas fingers in his mouth. It reminds me of when my kids used to do that. It’s the perfect defining detail for this age!

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

Katie didn’t let a little bottle break stop her for clicking her shutter. Feeding is such a huge part of raising an infant, I love that Katie took the time to capture this detail for this mama and daughter. The composition of this image is beautiful too. Again, we feel mom’s presence yet the focus is on the girl as she drifts off to sleep while finishing her bottle. Beautiful image, Katie!

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

Rachel didn’t just focus on baby girl’s sweet smile she went for the details of her tiny hands and her hair! I love the angle of this image too, and look at that blurry, buttery background! I just love it.

Photography Workshop for Moms, After Photos,

The October Photography Workshop ladies captured beautiful light and beautiful details that I know these moms will treasure. They also shared images they took of their own children the next day whether at a sporting event, or a pumpkin patch and it was so much fun seeing the pride and joy they’ve already gotten out of learning how to use their camera! I can’t wait to see what images they capture this holiday season!


P.S. Did these images inspire you to finally take the leap and learn how to use that fancy DSLR camera of yours? There is only one more date in 2014, Saturday, November 8th. Only 3 spots left, so register now. Click here to register.

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