3 Photography Business Tips for a Smoother Busy Season

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Looking for photography business tips? Keep reading for tips to help make this year’s busy season less overwhelming.

Being a photographer means that business can be cyclical with the year. Of course you can find ways to fill in those slower seasons. However, fall, as a family photographer, is always going to be busy as more families want to take advantage of fall colors and photos before the holidays.

If each fall you find yourself a bit overwhelmed and feeling a little bit like you’re drowning, then try these 3 things to do in your business right now. As you set yourself up with these processes, you’ll find fall feeling a little lighter as you can focus on merely serving those you are photographing.

So what can you be doing right now?

The first photography business tip is to plan out any events on your calendar now.

If you know every fall that you hold mini sessions, get them on the calendar now. Blocking out the space ensures you have the room built in, while adding them later may more mean trying to squeeze them in or making you feel more rushed.

Even if you’re not sharing the details now, having this set means you can plan the rest of your season now. You can also prepare anything you might need for those events such as locking down locations, designing landing pages, newsletters, etc.

A bonus perk is that you can start hinting to clients that an event is coming, or even suggest they save the date.

Next, batch as much content as you can while considering the time of year you’re writing for.

Again, the more you do now, the less you have to worry about it later. Consider scheduling any blog posts, emails, and social media a few months ahead of time. As you think about fall think about what your clients may need, like help with how to use their photos after a session, best places to order holiday cards, favorite fall family photo locations, etc.

Putting in the work now means you can still appear like you’re showing up on your website and on social media when you don’t have the capacity to do so.

Also, start talking up fall sessions now.

An important photography business tip is to talk about things several months in advance. People need reminders to book their sessions early.

I’ve been in the place where August rolls around and I’m worried that no one will ever book me again, that my fall won’t have any clients. Then the end of the month comes and suddenly I have overbooked my fall, or worse, accepted sessions I wouldn’t normally just because I thought I couldn’t fill my calendar.

Instead of talking just about fall sessions in the fall, start talking about them now. Share how session availability is limited and how families should get on your calendar now. Share the benefits of booking early, how they can check something off of their list, how they can relax and not feel rushed all while ensuring a prime date. By sharing the benefits your clients will receive they will see more value then if you say “book now so I know I have clients!”

As you begin to share you’ll stay top of mind, help remind families to book now while filling your calendar early. You can plan your schedule and prepare for the busy season better knowing you have clients.

Bonus Photography Business Tip: Set up e-mail templates for when inquiries pick up.

Having pre-written email templates will save you tons of time. Instead of gathering everything you need to send to a client every time someone books, risking sending the wrong information, not enough, or sounding unprofessional, you can streamline this process with e-mail templates.

Trust me, I waited way too long in business. I was spending so much time answering questions, responding to inquiries, feeling like I had to come up with these amazing responses every time. Now I have e-mail templates that not only make me seem more professional, but are well thought out, educate my clients and ensure I am consistent in my tone, branding, and information.

Unsure of what to include? I have a free checklist for you to help you as you create e-mails for your business. It not only includes a list of when I have templates, but also things to consider and include!

Following the above photography business tips in this post can help you prepare for your busy season leaving you feeling less stressed while ensuring you’re still showing up for your clients!

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