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With football season in full swing, I thought this weeks Lesson with the Lees should focus on photo tips for capturing football fans!
I feel so blessed to be a part of an amazing group of women photographers and teachers! Recently, the Me Ra and the teachers all contributed to a post featured on Disney’s blog, Babble. The topic: 12 Football-Inspired Photos Even Football Haters Will Love! (Plus Tips on Capturing Your Own)! I admit, I didn’t contribute this time, but I decided to use a few of the photo tips for capturing football fans in my house!

Weekends at our house means the tv is always on with football running in the background. Milo has recently started requesting “more football” and seems to love playing with the kids sized ball we have. I’m going to be honest, when I first went to take football photos, I thought I’d take some of Sawyer with the ball. I even put her in a UW onesie (go huskies!). She was ready to go and run with the ball. She loves throwing the ball back and forth! I love this one I caught of her because it shows exactly where she’s at right now: a little unstable on her feet, but wanting to do what the big boys can do.
Football photo tips, baby girl with footballFor our lesson today, I want to use this image of Milo.

SET UP: I really wanted Milo with the football to be the main focus. So I set him on our dining room table in front of a window that provides great natural lighting. (Don’t worry, Derek is standing next to the table for safety). He happened to be dressed in just his diaper and I like the simplicity it added to I kept him undressed. You could also put your child into a team shirt like Sawyer is wearing in the photo above. But try to keep it simple. Milo doesn’t handle the football often, so I merely handed him the football to see what happened. I loved how he holds the ball so that was my focus for this shoot.

CAMERA SETTINGS: I chose to shoot these photos with my 50mm lens. Even though Milo is lit with nice window light, it was still a rainy, dark morning. So I started by setting my ISO to 800. I wanted to have a nice buttery, blurry background so I chose an aperture of f/1.6. Finally, I set my shutter speed. Since a ball is involved I knew that I needed a fast shutter speed to capture the movement that was likely to occur, thus my shutter speed is set at 1/320.

COMPOSE: I focused on Milo’s left hand and how he was holding the football. I composed the shot so that the football was the center of focus and there was a little floor leading your eye to him. I could have cropped closer to just his hands on the football, but I loved how he was sitting, so I made sure to show that. I also wanted to have his reaction in the frame, even though it wasn’t the center of my focus.

Football Photo Tips, toddler boy with football,After he threw the football down, we did some “touchdown” shots. Isn’t he just so handsome?! I just love this little photo tips, touchdown photo, toddler boyNow, it’s your turn! Try to capture your little (or big, or furry!) football fans. I’d love to see what you capture, so make sure you share it on my facebook page!


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