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I’m beyond excited for today’s post as I review the newest must have book for moms. Me Ra Koh’s newest book is finally out and I know moms will love it just as much as I do. Your Family in Pictures: The Parent’s Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits, and Everyday Life is the third book from her series featuring Your Child in Pictures and Your Baby in Pictures.
Must have book for moms, Your Family in Pictures, Photography Book

The book begins with sections devoted to helping you prepare (both yourself, your location, and your family) for taking photos. It helps you start thinking like a photographer before you start shooting to help save you frustrations when you’re trying to get your family to cooperate! Then it’s onto the chapters on photographing your family’s everyday life, holidays, and more. Do you recognize those two cuties? Yup, more exciting I have several images featured in the book!

Must have book for moms, Your Family in Pictures, Photography BookOf course, there are tons of photo recipes that walk you through the set up and settings for the inspiration photo. What I LOVE even more about this book is that some photo recipes don’t just have one image for inspiration, there are lots of them! Even better, Me Ra has included images from a few past workshop attendees and all of her CONFIDENCE Workshop teachers (like me!). The image below shows a chapter that is a ways off for me right now, but I will love to try when the kids reach their tweens!

Must have book for moms, Your Family in Pictures, Photography Book

I may sound biased because I love Me Ra Koh and because I have the honor of having images published in the book, but this truly is a must have book for moms. The chapters offers ways to capture those priceless moments, like holidays, and even everyday moments, that can’t be captured by a photographer. Because no matter how old your kids are, you’ll want to capture the different holidays with them, or even their bedroom as it is right now.

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