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If you are using camera strap that came with your DSLR camera, STOP RIGHT NOW! (I’m sorry to yell, but you need to hear this!). It’s time for a comfortable camera strap.

Photography is so much more enjoyable when your gear is comfortable to use. A camera strap is an easy and necessary “upgrade” for your camera. It can also make your gear fit your style. A camera strap can make a great gift idea for yourself or a friend who loves photography. (It is one of the few camera things that won’t break the bank!)

As a photographer, personally, I choose camera straps that make it easy to go from using it to wearing it crossbody on my back. If you have hit your child in the head with your camera by bending forward over them, then you should consider switching to crossbody use as well.

I’m going to share three types of straps that I have used, starting with the one I am currently using and loving.

Most Comfortable Yet Durable and Professional Looking Camera Strap: FotoStrap

Another photographer shared her camera strap was a Fotostrap and I immediately looked into it. These are canvas straps that come in so many colors and prints that there is sure to be one to fit your style. You can even have the strap customized with your name or logo. (Neyssa Lee Photography was too long so my husband just had “Neyssa Lee” put onto mine when he purchased one for my birthday one year.)

I have used the Fotostrap as a professional photographer, and a mom chasing my kids with my camera for several years now. This is both a comfortable camera strap, and one that is very durable.

Another favorite style is the scarf strap.

I used a scarf style camera strap for years and years and loved it. It is the most comfortable of the straps I’m sharing today. I purchased mine so long ago at a little Etsy shop I can’t remember. But you can find them almost anywhere these days if you search in Google.

These straps are washable, which is a good perk for fabric. However, they can also show wear and tear a bit faster since they are a softer fabric.

Honorable Mention: Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

I had the Peak Design Slide camera strap for a while as well. I loved how durable it felt and it was much more comfortable than the traditional camera strap. It was easy to “slide” the camera around from back to front when wearing cross body all while feeling my camera was secure in any position.

However, I prefer the softer edges of the Fotostrap or the very soft scarf style strap.

The right camera strap for you fully depends on your desire for comfort and the way you shoot. However, I want you to know that it can be comfortable for you to wear your camera. Don’t settle for the one that comes with your camera!

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