Milo Turns 6 Months {Bellevue Infant Photography}

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

Waking up this morning to the rain and cold made me very grateful for the beautiful weekend we had! Last week my boy turned 6 months old. This was the toughest month yet, as he is now “1/2 a year old,” as my husband says. However, this past month has been so much fun for us. He gets really excited about eating his fruits and veggies. He can roll and wiggle his way around the floor. He loves sitting up, even though he can’t quite do it on his own yet. But most of all, he loves his mommy and daddy.
For his 6 month photo session, we headed over to Downtown Bellevue Park. Milo was not sure he wanted to participate in the beginning, but after playing with him a bit, he returned to his usual “ham” self in front of the camera!

I love this picture of Milo and I that Derek took. You can only see my arms, but you can tell that Milo is having fun, and loving looking flying and down at his mommy!

As you can see, being upside down is one of his favorite things! Derek started flipping him upside down to get him to smile, and I could resist capturing this moment.

We also tried a family one with him upside down. I love that you can tell I’m a little nervous about it since I’m holding his head, but laughing as he is loving every minute of it! It also cracks me up that you can see the wet spot on his shirt from all of his drool. A perfect way to remember how much he blew bubbles and made a mess!

This is my favorite shot of the day. Derek was waiting for me to set up the camera on the tripod for a family shot, and he started kissing Milo on the neck. 

And of course, we must have a shot with Sheepy! In case you forget how small he was here is the original Sheepy shot!

Happy 1/2 year birthday, Milo. We love you!












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