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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

I have been anxiously waiting to share the big Lee family announcement. We are expecting our fourth child come October 2016! Of course in honor of our family announcement I had to do a mini photo shoot with the kids.family announcement, pregnancy announcement, pregnancy announcement with kids, siblings, toddlerSawyer is teaching Hudson all about being a big sister. (And I may have given Hudson a fruit snack to keep her in one place for a few minutes, hence her facial expression). Milo is also brushing up on what it’s like to have a new baby, with his favorite series of books, The Bernstein Bears. Of course, I had to include an ultrasound pic of our little peanut too. The kids were excited when we told them. And yes, Milo is hoping for a brother. family announcement, pregnancy announcement, pregnancy announcement with kids, siblings, toddlerI know there are questions you are dying to ask. So I’m going to try to answer a few here for you!
Will you have more kids?  I know you’re all wondering…will they ever stop?! Yes, this will be our last child. Both my husband and I wanted a large family and feel that this baby will complete our family.

Are you having a boy or girl? Just like with our first three, we still will not be finding out gender until birth! We love the surprise and how special that moment of finding out together is in the delivery room. But I will say that Milo really really hopes for a brother. So if you pray, please help him pray for a brother, or at least, peace at life with three sisters!

What does this mean for me as a client?  Fall is one of my busiest seasons. This year we will have to make a few adjustments. I will still be photographing schools in September. And I will be accepting family sessions up through the end of September (giving me plenty of time to get your galleries to you before baby comes). While it does mean a little extra planning in advance to get your family scheduled, it also means better chances of good weather for your family photos! Remember the red noses, and shivering kids? The end of August and into September are great times for family photos.

What about family mini sessions? Last year I did fall family mini sessions in October. This year, I will offer them in either August or September (be watching your inboxes and checking Facebook for more information). As far as Tree Farm Mini Sessions, I can’t guarantee I can make that happen unless we do them in September. If you are interested in a Tree Farm Mini Session this year, please contact me so that I can start compiling interest to make sure we have enough families to make it happen.

I hope that answers your burning questions. Please don’t hesitate with any other questions. And if you want to go ahead and get your family session on the calendar before spots fill up shoot me an email with your desired timeframe to neyssa@neyssalee.com.

I’m looking forward to a great summer season capturing all of your families!


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