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If you have two kids, you know how the youngest always wants to do whatever big brother or sister is doing (which is the perfect opportunity to follow this sibling photo tip). Sawyer is no exception. Her motto is “whatever Milo can do, I can too!” Last week when I was making cupcakes for Sawyer’s birthday party, Milo was my sous chef, as usual. But this time I had an additional helper, the birthday girl herself! When Sawyer started climbing up on the cooking stairs (made for Milo by his grandpa!), I immediately thought of Me Ra’s Book Recipe in her book, Your Baby in Pictures.
SET UP: Since this type of shot is more of a lifestyle, in the moment shot, I did have a lot of choice for location, it had to be in the kitchen. I ran and grabbed my camera (Derek was standing near by to make sure no one fell down the stairs!). To “reset” the scene, I brought Sawyer back to the bottom of the stairs to climb up just like her brother.

CAMERA SETTINGS: I have a few windows to the left of where the mini stairs are that provide nice lighting for my image. However, it was still an overcast day so the light shining in wasn’t super bright, so I set my ISO at 1000. Next I chose an aperture of f/1.8 to help blur out some of the messy kitchen and allow the focus on the kids. Since the kids are on a similar plane, I was able to get away with such a wide open aperture without losing focus on both kids. Finally, I set my shutter speed to 1/250. Sawyer is quick and I wanted to freeze her action as she reached up for the counter. I focused on Sawyer for this image since it is her trying to be like her brother that was the story I was capturing.
silbing photo tip, snoqualmie children's photographerEXTRA TIPS: After I captured Sawyer reaching up for brother, I started capturing the moment from a few different angles. My original image has them basically straight on, to show the size difference between the kids. But then I got down low to vary my image. I love this shot of the kids. This angle makes me feel like I could walk up the stairs with them!
silbing photo tip, snoqualmie children's photographer

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