Happy Birthday, My Son

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Happy Birthday, My son.
I say it every year (and will probably continue to say it), I can hardly believe you’re already 3 years old. I feel as if you were just being placed in my arms for the first time, my first born, my baby boy. You made me a mother, you changed my life, you bring so much joy into my life. I’m so blessed to be your mama.

Happy Birthday, My Son, Capturing every day moments

It is hard to deny that you have left babyhood behind and are a full blow toddler. Last year, as you blew out your candles, there was still a trace of that baby boy, but so much has changed in the past year. Happy birthday, my sonWe moved, and instantly you seemed to be at home. You knew this was the place our family would settle and you spent the past year exploring the yard (the neighbors’ yards).Happy birthday, my sonI’m so proud of the young man you are becoming. Your confidence is starting to blossom. You have a thirst for knowledge and soak everything in that you can. I love your curiosity (most of the time) and desire to help with everything.Happy birthday, my sonYou have developed great friendships. No longer do you play side by side but with your friends. I’m excited to watch you grow these friendships and make even more as you start preschool in the fall.Happy birthday, my sonYou still love to help in the kitchen, whether it be making dinner or baking cookies. I love that you prefer your cookies “cold” (unbaked) as it reminds me of me, a big fan of cookie dough! Happy birthday, my sonThis year you discovered Handy Manny and a love for fixing things. The way you will carry around your “hammer Pat” ready to fix anything is so precious. Happy birthday, my sonYou are all boy, with a love for trucks, fire trucks, trains, tools, and most recently puddles. Yet, you will still cuddle with your mama. I know that someday you may not be so keen on snuggles while watching a Disney movie, but for now, I appreciate every opportunity you give me!Happy birthday, my sonThe grace you handle your wild and crazy sister is amazing. Although you have your moments, you are good with her, patient with her. And I’m grateful for all that you do for her. I know that you love her, as she loves you, and that’s all a mother could ever want.
Happy birthday, my son

I know that this year holds many new adventures for you, and I know that you can handle them all. You are such a wonderful boy, and I know that I can speak for your father when I say that we couldn’t have asked for a more special son. We love you so very much.Happy birthday, my son

Happy Birthday, my son.

Your mama (and daddy, too)

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