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Hi, I'm Neyssa

You know the saying “time flies?” Well, that really holds true when you have a baby. I cannot believe that my sweet little baby boy turns 1 today! 12 months ago I gave birth to the most amazing young man, and Derek and my life was instantly altered for the better. We never could have guessed how in love we would be with Milo; how much we’d love just talking about him and his goofy laugh. This past year has been full of adventures. We cheered him on through each milestone, from his first smile, to sitting on his own, crawling, and standing up. It hasn’t always been easy, there have been sleepless nights and baby food everywhere. But every minute has been worth it. I am so proud to be Milo’s mom. I look with sadness to all that he has already outgrown (the “lap clap” for one thing), but am excited for what his second year brings us. It is through photography that I feel that I can hold on, just a little bit longer, to Milo at each stage in his life.

For his birthday, I wanted to show off some more images from his Disney’s Up themed  birthday party! Thank you to my best friends, Brianna & Lyndsey, for helping make it possible!

Brianna made this house cake it was so amazing and just perfect for the theme!

I made the cupcakes! I tried hard to do big swirly, cloud-like frosting. I will just have to keep practicing!

I really wanted to include a year in photos of Milo. We hadn’t taken his 12 month sheepy picture yet, but I loved how this banner turned out!

Milo really didn’t know what to do with the cake. He kept trying to crawl away (note frosting on tummy!) He didn’t eat any but he played with the frosting a bit!Brianna (with a little help from Milo’s Opa) made him the most amazing rocking horse. I will include a better picture of the full horse in a later post. Milo loved to ride on it. Here he is with Oma, riding the horse! A HUGE thanks to Katie for taking photos at the party. I was able to set the camera down, and enjoy myself (and even be in a few shots!). I love this shot of him admiring the balloons.
After the party we all took a nap. Then it was time for a little more playing! Thanks to his friends, Sean and Ethan for this cool bulldozer!And finally, we did a couple of family shots in front of the year of Milo banner!

Milo, we love you so very much. You have made us both better people. You have brought so much love and happiness into our lives. We are so proud to be your parents. Here is to another great year!

Love, Mom and Dad

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