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Happy Birthday Son!
4 years ago, you made me a mom. You came into this world cautious and at your own pace, and you have kept that mentality since birth. This past year you have truly grown. Gone are the baby features and chubby cheeks – only a little boy remains.

Happy Birthday Son, Preschool boy photography, photos of growth

Your relationship with your sister has blossomed in the past few months. Although there are days when you fight over everything, most of the time you play together as best friends. I adore your willingness to help your sister, and your ability to get her to do anything for you (like take your shoes off for you as seen here….).

Happy Birthday Son, Siblings playing, Every day photos

This past year has also brought new things into your life. I was pregnant, and expecting a new baby in the family meant lots of questions from you. Yet you handled everything with such grace. Many evenings you would bring me to (happy) tears as you would hug my belly and say, “I love baby in your tummy.” Then when your sister entered the world, you greeted her in the hospital with excitement and love.  Now you tell me, “I’m so glad baby is out of your tummy so I can see her and love her.” It melts my heart how genuine, sweet, and loving you are.

Happy Birthday Son, Big brother and newborn baby hands photo, Sibling photo

Last fall you started preschool. I admit I was worried how my shy and sensitive boy would do. But you surprised your dada and me. You are THRIVING! You come home excited about your day each time, and your teachers tell us how dedicated and focused you are in class.

Preschool boy photography

You are still all boy in the things you love. Any vehicle with wheels holds your attention, especially big construction vehicles. No matter the weather you want to take your dump truck for a walk around the neighborhood, a phase I thought would pass two years ago. Surprisingly you can usually make it half to 3/4 of a mile before you’re ready to ride in the stroller.

Happy Birthday Son. You are surrounded by friends and family who love you. I hope you always know that!


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