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Happy Birthday Sadie!
This past weekend our family dog, Sadie turned 1! I feel like we just brought the little fluff ball home. And now, we can hardly imagine our family without her.

5-12-13-blog-Neyssa_Lee_Photography-4When we first got Sadie, Sawyer was 8 months old, and Milo had just turned 2. So this past year, they have all grown up together. I have loved watching their relationship grow and their adoration for each other blossom. Sadie watches over the kids like a protective mama, and the kids always want to know where she is. happy birthday sadieThey all get into trouble together and have little adventures, like splashing in puddles and playing with rocks.happy birthday sadieSadie is a great companion. She is always up for a run or a walk and will chase the ball until you’re tired of throwing it. Despite being a Border Collie (they have a bad rap of being too smart for their own good), she is loved by everyone who meets her. Even all of our neighbors who she has stollen shoes from (an invisible fence fixed that problem). happy birthday sadieI don’t remember what it was like when I had to sweep after every meal as Sadie is there to clean up anything that hits the floor (except olives). And she’s there watching over the kids at bath time, maybe even taking a few sips of water for herself.
happy birthday sadieAnd despite how much she’s grown this year, she still sleeps on her back like she did when we first brought her home!happy birthday sadie

Happy Birthday Sadie. We couldn’t imagine our family without you in it! We love you!


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