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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

It can seem daunting to gain confidence in photographing toddlers. They are busy, quick and have minds of their own. But that didn’t stop the ladies at my recent Growing CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop. In case you missed it, make sure you check out Part I of this post where the ladies captured a baby girl beautifully and in manual mode on their cameras!
Typically, we stick with babies for the workshop. They are sweet, adorable, and can’t run away! Babies are the perfect subjects to practice on. However, when this family agreed to make the drive to Whidbey last minute so that the ladies could practice we were thrilled. Of course, the ladies loved capturing the baby sister, but the older two were also adorable! We all got our workout as we practiced under the toughest conditions, the sun was coming in and out, the girls were playful and quick, but the ladies rocked it!

Can you believe that Kristi, captured this amazing image just hours after learning how to shoot in manual mode? This image is gorgeous. The light in her eyes, the expression on her face, the blurry, buttery background. Awesome job, Kristi.
Photographing toddlers, Photography Workshop

Krisit also captured this image of the oldest girl. She was showing us her plants and was so focused on the task at hand. I’m sure this is a look mom and dad see often and will cherish this photo!

Photographing toddlers, Photography WorkshopSusan nailed it with the image of dad and his too oldest girls. I love the expressions in this image. And if you saw how quickly she was moving her hands back and forth, you would understand what a tough shot this is. Don’t you just love it?!Photographing toddlers, Photography WorkshopDoes this image just make you melt? The sisters were sitting up on this rock and we asked big sister to tell a secret. This is such a sweet moment Mary Ann captured. Photographing toddlers, Photography WorkshopSusan was on the other side of the girls, when she captured this great shot. Aren’t those smiles so contagious? Photographing toddlers, Photography WorkshopJoni chased the middle sister around the back deck, and even followed her when she climbed under and bench and was playing. Isn’t this shot beautiful? I know how quick on her feet Joni had to be to capture this brief, magical moment! Photographing toddlers, Photography Workshop
You can wear dresses without doing a bit of twirling. Joni rocked her camera when she captured this moment. She had to have her settings just right to make sure her shutter speed was fast enough but not too fast so that the motion of the little girl’s dress was lost. This is a tricky shot and Joni, you did a great job!
Photographing toddlers, Photography WorkshopThe ladies captured so many beautiful images, I could just keep sharing all of them! They had an extra challenge of photographing toddlers in addition to a baby. Didn’t they do a beautiful job? I know if I were those girls’ parents, I would be so excited about the images they captured!

These results are proof of how much is gained in the full day Growing CONFIDENCE photography workshop. The transformation is amazing to be a part of. It is exciting to feel their excitement with each image they capture with intention. No more “happy accidents” for them!

There are still a few spots left for this weekend’s workshop. Join me and some other amazing women as we break down the technical of your DSLR camera, in a laid back and fun atmosphere! Click here to sign up!


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    The girls’ mom here – I love how these turned out! That was a fun photo shoot to do.

  2. says:

    The girls’ mom here – I love how these turned out! That was a fun photo shoot to do.

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    The girls’ mom here – I love how these turned out! That was a fun photo shoot to do.

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