Fresh 48 Session FAQs

About the Experience

You just had a baby, you’re recovering from childbirth, and you’re figuring out life with a sweet new baby. While I know how important having this time documented is, I do everything I can to make sure the process is as relaxed and easy as can be. I will help you hold onto those first hours with beautiful photographs of you and your baby.

For a peek into a fresh 48 session with me, watch the video below!

Fresh 48 Session FAQs:

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 Newborn Session is a photo session that takes place shortly after baby is born, while you are still in the hospital.

There is nothing quite like those first hours with a new baby. You will be amazed how quickly your baby changes those first weeks. A Fresh 48 Session captures your brand new baby and all of those tiny details found in the hospital. The hospital bands around his tiny ankles, those hospital swaddles, the clear bassinet, and of course, your intense love for this little being you just brought into this world. 

Fresh 48 sessions are also the perfect time to capture siblings meeting for the very first time. Having me present to photograph the first meeting means you can enjoy this time together as a family, soaking up your new little one.

What if I’m not feeling “photo ready” so soon after giving birth?

Birth is an amazing process no matter how it happens. However, it can really take it’s toll on us. You may be exhausted, uncomfortable, trying to figure out nursing, and even still sporting IVs. Yet you also couldn’t be more radiant as you snuggle your sweet new babe. Trust me, plenty of pictures will be taken. 

When my first son was born my dad, an excited new grandpa, took plenty of photos with his iPad. Though he had the best of intentions, they were either out of focus, blurry, or made me look awful. And as you know, iPad photo quality isn’t great in itself. I had also been so weak and pale that I hardly took any photos myself those first days. I wish I had more photos from those first days. 

When you have a Fresh 48 session you can not only rest easy knowing your family will be well documented, but rest assured knowing I will be using light and angles to highlight your love for your child and not those less beautiful postpartum aspects. 

What if I have a C-Section or am unable to get out of the hospital bed?

I understerstand the limitations that you may have, I understand that you are full of hormones, recovering from giving birth, and needing to rest. I have been in your shoes and am completely sensitive to both your baby’s safety and your needs. Should you be unable to comfortably or safely get out of bed that is ok. Once again, I use light and angles to highlight all of your joy, love, and sweet baby’s details, while keeping you comfortable.

Learn more about What to Expect From a Fresh 48 After a C-Section.

What if my baby ends up in the NICU?

Should your baby require a stay in the NICU we will adjust as needed. Most hospitals allow you to still have photos done in the NICU. Things may look a little different than you expected; however, I know you won’t regret having your baby photographed.

Are kids or grandparents welcome?

Of course! Siblings meeting for the first time is one of the best moments to allow someone else document for you. You are able to enjoy the moment while being able to look back on their first meeting forever.

Grandparents are welcome, too. I do recommend we start with immediate family as we focus on your new family dynamics and tiny baby details. Then we bring in the grandparents for a few photos of them holding their newest grandchild.

How long do fresh 48 sessions take?

Fresh 48 photo sessions typically last 30 minutes to an hour. I work to ensure I get a gallery of images that tell your story without taking up too much of your time. Things that play a factor are interruptions from nurses and/or if other kids are included, etc.

What does my fresh 48 session include?

Your session includes my time and talent before your session (helping you prepare with ideas on what to wear, expect, etc), and a gallery of approximately 45 images (given in both color and black and white; approx 90 images total).

What is your turnaround time?

I know you’re excited to see your photos. You may even plan on using your images to announce your baby’s arrival. I’m excited for you to see them too! I work to get you a couple of sneak peeks (sent via text or email) the same day as your session. I also aim to get galleries sent to families within 2 weeks after their session. I also show sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook stories as I’m working on them (with family permission, of course).

Do you offer Fresh 48 sessions at my hospital?

I photograph sessions at Swedish Medical in Issaquah and Seattle, Overlake Medical in Bellevue, UW Medical in Seattle, and Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland.

Delivering at a birth center or other medical center? Contact me to see if I can photograph your Fresh 48.

What do I do to book a session?

To book a fresh 48 session, submit a request through my contact form here.

I look forward to working with your family soon!

-Neyssa Lee