Seattle photographer on yellow backdrop gives review of Flodesk.

Flodesk: A Professional Photographer’s Review

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Seattle photographer on yellow backdrop gives review of Flodesk.

There are so many different email service companies. I have tried several in my professional life, including Mailchimp and Constant Contact. However, it wasn’t until finding Flodesk that I felt like I had a tool I could use effectively for my photography business.

If you’re in the market for a better way to send newsletters to your list, keep reading. I’m sharing the nitty gritty of Flodesk to help you decide if it is the right move for you and your needs.

In the simplest form, Flodesk is a way to send emails to a newsletter list.

By using Flodesk you are able to collect and send emails to your entire list (or parts of it) with ease. The company was founded by two women who wanted a better way to send emails, another factor I can get behind.

Flodesk is simple to set up.

This is one of the biggest selling factors for me. Previous email companies were challenging to figure out and set up. Flodesk was easy for me to transfer my list, and create new opt-in forms (to allow new people to sign up for my newsletter list).

I used the 30-day free trial and was able to actually set up and test Flodesk before fully committing. However, within a few hours, I was sold on the company.

There are beautiful email templates.

Whether you’re looking to send a friendly note, to update your email list, or to make a sale, Flodesk has a template for it. They have a decent variety of options from basic, text only, to templates with photos, graphics, and more.

The library of options has grown, too, since I first joined in early 2020.

I will add, that a few templates are a little bit finicky. Sometimes I want to add more text than the space allows and it does not grow as needed. Being able to get more intricate and specific with designs would be nice. However, it is usually not too big of a deal to switch templates or get more concise with my wording.

You are able to set up brand colors to keep everything looking cohesive.

On other platforms, like Instagram, it can be a pain to have to always find your brand colors with an eye dropper. In Flodesk you are able to set up brand colors within your account. Then as you are designing emails you can simply click on your colors and apply them. I like to use it to have my colors as hyperlinks or background colors within emails.

Not having to search for my colors, keep adding them in, or settle for something “close enough” is gold. Flodesk’s brand color settings save me time while helping my business look and feel cohesive.

Further, Flodesk makes creating forms and setting them up on my website easy.

There are several types of forms you can create on Flodesk. From a full page spread to an inline banner that sits on your website, to a pop-up option, you can find the right one for your needs. Even more, each type of form has different design options, so once again you can customize it to your brand.

Personally, I have used all of the form types and found them all rather easy to set up. One downside of the full-page form is that it is hosted on Flodesk, meaning you would link to a Flodesk webpage instead one of your own. When you share that link somewhere like on Facebook or in a text, the thumbnail image is a Flodesk one. I did not like that the full page did not feel on brand (until you looked at the page), so I stopped using that type of form for my newsletter list.

The in-line and popup options were a little more work to set up. However, once you know how to do it for your site, you can set them up anytime. Flodesk has a great help desk option, too.

While all of the above features are great options, it’s the next one that was the big game changer for me and my business.

Sharing freebies and segmenting your audience is so easy.

With previous email services, I spent forever figuring out how to have one of my freebies automatically send to someone when they signed up for my newsletter. With Flodesk, it is so simple to set up emails that contain your freebie (or access to your freebie). Further, you can use different forms to create different segments, or groups, of people on your list.

As both a Seattle photographer and a photography business coach, I have two separate email lists. I also have several segments based on which freebie or where someone signed up for my list. This helps me to ensure I am sending emails that serve each segment well. Flodesk allows me to do this all within one account.

Flodesk makes setting up welcome sequences a breeze for entrepreneurs.

Digging even deeper into Flodesk, and creating automations, or welcome sequences is simple, too. After creating one welcome sequence, you can even duplicate and customize it to use for another segment.

For example, if you are a photographer and you sign up for my free Blogging Outline Template you will get an email that contains the freebie itself. Over the course of a week, you’ll receive several emails that introduce you to me, my brand, and what you can expect from staying on my newsletter. If you grab my Starting the Year off Right Checklist, you’d get another welcome sequence that is similar, however, it contains this freebie and information based on the checklist.

Whether you are just starting out, or you want to grow and develop your list, Flodesk makes it super simple. Even more, Flodesk allows you to quickly create beautiful emails for your brand and business. If this could mean the difference between sending an email or not sending one, it’s a no-brainer.

If you’re a photographer, join my newsletter for weekly tips and strategies to grow your business without the overwhelm.

For more content to help you in your business, head to my blog. It’s packed with articles aimed at helping you where you are at.

*When you use my affiliate link to sign up for Flodesk you receive 50% off your subscription while I receive $19.

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