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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

I’m pretty excited about my February 10-on-10 post. We had a “snow” day (there wasn’t any snow near my house) which meant some fun guests for a play date for the kids.
What is the February 10-on-10? On the 10th day of each month, I take 10 pictures throughout the day, telling the story of my day. It’s about finding new ways to capture my day and remembering to capture moments I might have overlooked. I’m two months in and I just love it. In case you missed it, here’s my January 10-on-10!

Milo is my “teenager.” He usually isn’t a fan of being woken up. The nice thing is that I can sneak into his room and pull the curtain back and he hasn’t budged. Usually (unless I tell him we’re going to grandma’s) he tells, me “light of. I stay in bed!”

February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle Photographer Again, I keep meaning to capture the craziness that is mealtimes in my home right now. I’m grateful for this 10-on-10, because I actually did it! Miss Independent Sawyer will not (and hasn’t for months) sit in her high chair. So she shares the bench with Milo. Which usually means joint spoon pounding with gleeful yells, or squeals as she tries to climb onto the table. We had donuts for breakfast (yup, breakfast of champions, and yes Derek made them). So Milo’s sitting nicely.February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerPlaying Legos together. I know I just did a post about Legos Invading My home. I’m not lying. See, they love to play them. It is rare that Sawyer builds without my help, it was sweet to see them playing together. Milo even told me “I play Legos with sister.” He’s too sweet!February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerThe kids love brushing their teeth. Milo got this purple crayon toothbrush and he gets excited to brush. Plus, I have this great window and lFebruary 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerSawyer has really started loving to read. She wants to sit up in her rocking chair and flip through her books. My main purpose is to hand her more books when she’s done. This is another one of those moments I’m glad this project forced me to capture. February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerWatching a show with friends. Remember how I mentioned we had special guests over? Where here’s the boys watching a show together. I love how they are all huddled around the iPad. They also made Valentine’s Day cookies. But I decided to save that for a special treat for Thursday (with a recipe included)!February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerAfter guests had left and the kids were both down for their nap, I started some water in my tea pot. I drink 2-3 cups of tea a day. Though I rarely get to finish a cup uninterrupted.February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerDidn’t I tell you? Sawyer woke up early from my nap. So tea lasted 15 minutes of child free time! Sawyer wasn’t happy about being awake either. But I’m mean, and decided to open the curtain and take a photo. February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerDinner was a Pesto Pizza with Field Roast Grain Dogs. I know what you’re thinking. But it was delicious. Even the kids both gobbled it up, which is rare with them. February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle Photographer The kid’s new favorite game with daddy is being tossed onto the bed. Milo loves having sister “thrown” onto him. It’s sweet and hilarious at the same time. At least Derek is getting his workout in!
February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle PhotographerAlright, I know I’m cheating adding an 11th photo, but I just had to show you how cute they are when thrown together. Too sweet!February 10-on-10, Snoqualmie Lifestyle Photographer

I hope you enjoyed the February 10-on-10 post! You should try. See how it pushes you to think outside the box when you capture your day, and forces you to capture moments you’ve been meaning to capture for a while now. Share it with me. I’d love to see!


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