dressing for family photos, photo of family of five on Mercer Island

Dressing for Family Photos: Don’t Forget These Things!

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dressing for family photos, photo of family of five on Mercer Island

When you’re dressing for family photos it can be easy to focus on the basic rules of what to wear. While those rules are a great place to start, there are a few details to keep in mind for your family photography session.

One extra tip before I jump into my most overlooked things when dressing for family photos is to plan ahead. As a Seattle area photographer, I recommend finalizing outfits for your family a week or more before your scheduled session time. This gives you a little wiggle room should something take longer to find.

Okay, are you ready for those most forgotten details?

Dressing for family photos, Mercer Island Father and Daughter playful photo

When dressing for family photos plan for everyone’s shoes.

The last thing you want is to have a photo of your family looking gorgeous together, in a sweet moment of connection, yet your daughter’s neon pink shoes are distracting from the moment. Neon shoes (or even the bottom of shoes) will pull a viewers eye right to them. Dirty shoes, too, can do the same thing.

I get it. Kids will be kids and don’t keep shoes clean. I suggest either seeing if you can clean up their shoes or getting a fresh pair before picture day.

Bonus: If you do go ahead with purchasing new shoes, make sure you try them on your kids, still. If they aren’t comfortable it will show!

Another overlooked part of family photo outfits is undergarments for dresses.

You will play, twirl, spin, throw rocks, dance, and more during your family photo session. Basically, there is lots of fun movement. If your child is wearing a dress, the last thing you want peeking out is their underwear or diaper.

Try undershorts, bloomers, or tights (if it’s not too hot) for underneath dresses.

Seattle area family photo, photo of siblings two girls and one boy

Along similar lines is to remember to be intentional when you selecting an undershirt.

In cooler months sweaters or button up shirts make for great tops. They look great, can add texture and interest, all while keeping you, your partner, or your child warm. Typically, people wear a shirt underneath for comfort. While we are not meant to see the undershirt, it is completely possible it may stick out.

When dressing for family photos, select an undershirt that coordinates with the outfits you’ve selected for photos. Once again, during playful sessions, the shirt could peek out the bottom or be seen near the collar. Therefore, avoid that pesky neon shirt!

Seattle Family Photos, photo of father's arms around son

These three details are ones that if remembered, you may not even notice in your photos. However, if they are forgotten, you might regret it big time (or always remember the year of that pesky neon undershirt that wouldn’t stay hidden).

While you may be thinking, “hey, she’s not going to photograph the bottom of our shoes. They can’t matter, that much right?” Just remember, that when your child jumps in the air, or you’re swinging them high into the air, or they are snuggled in your lap, that the bottoms of their shoes, will in fact, be showing.

Do yourself a favor, and start planning those shoes and undershirts/undershorts now! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re actually dressing for family photos!

Looking for more helpful resources? Make sure you visit my library of content on what to wear for family photos!

Have you booked your family photo session for the year yet? Make sure you book a session before another year passes you by.

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What to wear for family photos, photo of family of five
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