Courage and CONFIDENCE Gained Through Photography

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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

I’m honored to present this story about courage and confidence gained through photography! Kaysee took my Growing CONFIDENCE Workshop last October. In fact, she was one of my very first students! Since last fall, I have loved seeing images of her family and the courage and confidence she has gained through her photography.

This month is Pediatric Stroke Awareness month. Did you know that? Because of Kaysee, I do. I encourage you to read her photography journey and how learning how to capture her family has helped her spread the word about a little known cause!

Courage. It’s a word I know a lot about. Especially in this last year. Let me just say that it takes courage to challenge yourself and learn something new. Even though knowledge is power, it still takes being vulnerable to open yourself up to something new. So when Neyssa Lee’s Growing with Confidence workshop presented itself, I’ll be honest, I first thought of all the reasons I couldn’t make it happen. I am so grateful I made it past all those reasons, for it honestly impacted my life in ways I never imagined.

Courage and confidence

Neyssa has been taking pictures of my family for years! Amazing pictures. Pictures that when I look at them, I am brought back to those moments immediately.  That is a priceless gift. That is why I have always loved photography, because you can capture moments in time and have them forever. But, prior to this workshop capturing exactly what I wanted was a struggle.

Before, courage and confidence

After having our second child, pictures of our family became even more important. I found myself trying to photograph everything. There were a lot of moments of frustration as I would spend so much time trying to capture a moment behind the lens that I would actually end up missing it. It’s what finally drove me to to take this workshop.

After the day workshop, my confidence flourished.  Each day that has passed, each picture I have taken, I am putting those skills I learned to work and I am reaping the rewards. I have learned how to tell a story in my photographs, and how to capture all those defining details of my family.  I am now confident in my camera settings and my knowledge of using light and angles because of Neyssa’s Growing CONFIDENCE Workshop. She not only took the time to teach us the skills to use our cameras, but also gave us a hands on opportunity that day while she guided us on the side. With our own cameras in hand, fueled with knowledge, we were able to capture beautiful mother/baby moments of two volunteers. It was amazing!

Courage and Confidence, Photography Workshop

After taking this workshop, we headed into the holiday season and my daughter’s first birthday. I was able to document the holidays and her milestone exactly how I envisioned. I captured beautiful story telling pictures I was proud to share with friends and family.  Now that spring is here and it is baseball season, I’m excited  to get outside and capture my son enjoying his favorite hobby; baseball!

courage and confidence, photography workshop

In the month of May, I have been spreading awareness on Pediatric Stroke, as my daughter is a perinatal stroke survivor. The pictures I have been able to capture are beyond words for me personally. My son’s baseball team recently sported purple awareness bracelets at their last game showing their support in the awareness for Pediatric Stroke.  I was able to photograph some very special  moments with his team and for this cause. Photos that I now proudly share as we continue our awareness events this month.

courage and confidence, photography workshop

I can say in absolute faith, that the pictures I cherish now would not have been possible had I not had the courage to challenge myself and take this workshop. I urge any of you with a desire to be able to use your camera and capture your own cherished moments, reach out for details on the next Growing Confidence workshop, you will have no regrets!

courage and confidence, photography workshop

P.S. There’s only a few spots left for the May 31st Growing CONFIDENCE Workshop! This is the last workshop before next fall! Learn from Kaysee, gain courage and confidence through photography before a summer of vacations and memories with the kids home. Spend a day to yourself before you have the kids home all day, every day!

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