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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

There were so many amazing photography breakthroughs at my most recent CONFDIENCE workshop. I feel like these two women and I were meant to converge at this workshop. Although we are all at different stages in our lives there was a common thread and understanding that pulled us together. We were all ready for breakthroughs. After a morning of breaking down the basics of our camera we dove into shutter speed, aperture and ISO. This is my favorite part because you can actually seeing the photography breakthroughs happening!
To understand their breakthroughs, let’s show a before photo from each of them. This isn’t to embarrass them, but to show how much they grew in just a few hours. By learning how to use their camera they were able to go from these first shots to the “afters” below.

Before Photo by Joy

Before Photo by Katja

We had the sweetest babies come and model for us. You may remember this young man from his newborn session a few months ago. This time, Katja was capturing the precious moments. Like this GORGEOUS image. I just love how she got in close and captured baby snuggling into his mamas neck. You would never know there is clutter in the background. photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsJoy took a perfect opportunity of the diaper change to capture great smiles. Don’t you just love the framing of this? And he was so excited and moving quickly but Joy rocked her camera by choosing the proper shutter speed to freeze this moment!
photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsWith a new outfit we decided to do some tummy tiny. Katja did a beautiful job capturing him holding himself up proudly. And I love that you can just see the tops of those chubby arms. Makes me want to squeeze them! photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsJoy took another angle for the same set up. I love the different perspectives we get while photographing the same subject. And check out that blurry background. Another photography breakthrough!photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsThen we were on cuteness overload when this baby girl arrived with her mama. Katja framed this so perfectly. You can really tell where baby girl gets those eyes from! The light just fades away behind them leaving the light just where we want it, on their faces!
photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsWe had a little peekaboo playtime, where Joy captured this moment. Once again, she rocked her camera, having the perfect settings to blur out that background while keeping her shutter speed just right for this fast action moment. I know her mama is going to cherish this photo!photography breakthroughs, camera workshopsWe headed outside for a few moments where Joy captured this precious photo. Look at how she put the sun behind baby girl to illuminate her and look at that buttery background. It’s so yummy!

Photography breakthroughs, camera workshop

I feel that it is important to mention that both of these women were using their kit lenses! They learned how to make their gear work for them, and they created beautiful images. They should be so proud. I’m excited to see what they capture next!


P.S. I’m taking the summer off for workshops, but start saving for a fall workshop. Tell your husband you’re taking a day away this fall to have photography breakthroughs of your own!

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