Capture Defining Details Before They Disappear

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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This week’s lesson isn’t technical, instead it’s a reminder to capture defining details before they disappear!
Having two kids is such a blessing. I love capturing their individual personalities, the details that make them each unique, the different stages they are in. However, it is also fun to see when they do things that are so similar.

Do you remember my article on defining details that was published this past fall on (one of the nation’s top websites for photographers)? There is a photo of Milo “talking” on my phone. He used to do it all of the time.

Capture defining details before they disappear

While this stage has come and gone for Milo, Sawyer has started doing the same thing recently. I had to capture how adorable she was talking on the phone. (Notice the light beaming into her hand? Yes, the phone is backwards!)

Capture defining details before they disappear

From experience I know how quickly this phase may pass, so I made sure to get my camera out and photograph Sawyer with phone in hand.

This weekend, I remind  you to capture those fleeting defining details before they disappear!

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