Benefits of blogging for your business, why you should blog

Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

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Benefits of blogging for your business, why you should blog

If you’re running a business, you’ve probably heard that you should be blogging. But why? What are the benefits of blogging when you’re running a business? Can it really help that much?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

I’m a huge fan of blogging and by the end of the post. Hopefully, you’re just as excited to get to work on writing blogs for your business.

I will add, that while there are plenty of benefits of blogging, it is not an overnight growth strategy. The benefits may take time, but are worth it.

The first benefit of blogging is that it can help your website’s SEO.

Your regular website likely does not change often. Maybe you update the portfolio pages or the “About Me” as you add another family member or something. Web browsers (aka Google) like websites that are “living.”

In other words, having fresh content regularly helps your website appear important. It also helps as people return to your website to read the latest blog, again showing that your website is of value and should be higher in the ranks of the SEO world.

Another benefit is that blogging helps to establish you as an expert.

When you can share valuable information that helps a potential client make an informed decision you’re establishing yourself as the expert. Use blogging to help elevate your client’s experience in working with your company.

Blogging gives you resources to send to clients when they purchase from you, another benefit of blogging.

I love to use my blog as a way to help my family’s plan for their family session. When they book a session I provide them with links to my top blogs on topics like, favorite locations, what to wear tips, and more. I am able to repurpose that content I’ve already written and ensure my client has a smooth experience because they are well informed and prepared.

Another one of the benefits of blogging is that is can be the foundation for your overall content plan.

Well written blogs are chalked full of helpful information. Use that. See how you can repurpose your blog (or parts of your blog) on other platforms. Can you turn a key tip into a post on social media? Can you share part of your blog in a newsletter to ensure your email list isn’t missing out on these helpful tips?

You may spend some time writing blogs, but by using them as the foundation of your content plan you can save yourself time later on!

Think about blogging as a way to serve your clients, both current and potential, and you will see so many benefits of blogging for your business.

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