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Honestly, I have to give credit for this weeks lesson, bath time photos with a pop, to my kids. Last week, Milo discovered how much fun it is to put rocks from the driveway into the puddles. Of course Sawyer helped. Since we had been cooped inside for so long, I decided to let them get muddy! However, afterwards, it was bath time! To make baths more fun we use some fun fizzy tub colors. Each child gets to pick ONE color. This time, Milo grabbed two and tossed them in before I could stop him. Sawyer couldn’t go without adding one too. So, in the three drops went. They were all blue! This made the bath water such a vibrant blue, I drifted off to the blue-green waters of Hawaii. Seconds later I was splashed back to reality. But I knew this color would give me some bath photos with a pop!

bath time photos with a pop, photographing everyday moments

To give you something to compare, this photo was taken last summer. My handsome young man, but in the tub without colors. I love this shot of him. He’s so sweet and cute. But the next photo has such a fun pop of color!
bath time photos with a pop, photographing everyday momentsSame young man, but a pop of color! I think he stands out so much more in the image below. To be honest, I wish I could’ve had a few of those background distractions (aka bath toys) out of the photo, but then I knew my cooperating subjects would mutiny. bath time photos with a pop, photographing everyday momentsIn the image below, I decided to go without the color and tell a story. Milo loves to clean the bathtub while he’s in it. He was so cute scrubbing the sides with a washcloth. I decided to get down low and let the outer edge of the tub frame the image. I focused on his ear and placed him slightly off center, ensuring his hand with the washcloth was showing. Without seeing his face, I can just feel his concentration. Can you?!
bath time photos with a pop, photographing everyday momentsThis next image is probably my favorite of him for my little bath time shoot. His favorite phrase is “what’s that noise?” He will say it and then pause looking around. This is the moment right after he said “what’s the noise.”  Plus his blue eyes pop right out with the color of the bath water. bath time photos with a pop, photographing everyday moments

Bonus Tip: Does your bathroom have a window? Let the kids bathe during the brightest time of the day for even better bath time photos. The bright natural light allows your kids to truly shine!


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