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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

I have a 7 month old baby girl! Wow. Okay, I will be honest, she’s almost 8 months by the time I’m finally sharing these photos. But give me a break, I took the photos on time at least.
It is the perfect time to have a baby who sits by herself. Look at how darling she is in the leaves! She might have tried to eat all of the leaves, but that’s beside the point. She wasn’t crawling yet which meant a good little model for me.
7 Months Old, Baby girl, Fall LeavesLet’s not forget her monthly blanket photo. Again, I have yet to get her a plain white onesie (because I don’t want a pack of 5 and I can’t find just one!) so we are supporting our Huskies again. Love her smile and that round head of hers.7 Months old baby girl, Monthly photoWe took her to the pumpkin patch for the first time. Although she napped most of the time, she woke up just in time to sit with a few pumpkins! I love her curiosity as she discovers things. Of course, usually she puts it in her mouth moments later.7 Month old baby girl, pumpkin patch, baby and pumpkinShe also started crawling. Kind of. She took a few movements forward. But up to this point she would get into this position. Milo was so excited the first time he saw it. He yells “mama, she’s making a bridge!”7 month old baby girl, trying to crawlWe’ve also started eating more foods, including puffs. No teeth, but she can do a number on puffs. They are a nice way to keep her occupied while I prepare lunch for the rest of the crew!7 month old baby girl

Lots has happened since these photos, I will try to be better and share 8 months closer to when she actually turns 8 months.


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