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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Improve your Instagram feed with these 6 simple smart phone photo tips! There is so many things that I love about my iPhone camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love the quality and control I have with my DSLR. But I love the look and feel of my iPhone photos. I always have my phone on me, so I can capture any moment. Plus, it’s small size and fact that it is always around means I can sneak a photo of my kids without their knowing right away. Plus, with a few quick taps, I can share my images almost instantly with family and friends. To make the most of my smart phone camera, I follow the tips below!
1. Use window light to make your subject pop.  Milo loves helping me dust the house (thank you Swiffer Duster). As he worked, I grabbed my phone and got ready to snap an image. I suggested he dust the blinds as the light from the window was bright. I loved how it is lighting his face, drawing my attention right to him. I used a simple black and white filter in Instagram to change my image and share here!

smart phone photo tips, backlighting, photograph everyday moments, preschool boy

2. Capture the Details. Just because you’re using a smart phone, doesn’t mean you can’t take storytelling images. Bath time is one place I often take a quick photo with my phone as I watch my kids play. One day Milo says to me, “look mama, a house-bridge-crane!” This was a detail of bath time I had to capture! Instead of just photographing their cute faces, I used my phone to capture the details of bath time!

smart phone photo tips, photograph everyday moments, bath time

3. Hold the “shutter” for burst mode. One downside of smart phone cameras is that they can be slow when you’re trying to capture your fast toddler. However, that’s where the burst mode comes in handy. By holding your finger on the shutter you can take many photos right after another. (This is, I’m sure, how Sawyer has take 200 selfies up her nose in a matter of seconds). The images below were all taken as Sawyer was swinging. Pushing a swing while trying to take a picture of someone swinging can be very tricky. However, I held the phone with one hand while I pushed with the other. By holding the shutter I was able to capture the image on the left below. The other two are examples of other images I captured in the same few seconds.

smart phone photo tips, photograph everyday moments, girl on swing

4. Shoot from Above. One of my favorite parts of a smart phone camera is that it is light and easy to try different angles. By shooting from above you add a new element of interest to your image. Other favorite images I’ve taken can be found here, here, and my all time favorite one here.

smart phone photo tips, photograph everyday moments, bath time

5. Get in the Photo! I can not say enough to get in the photo with your family! The smart phone is an easy way to do so. A few of my favorite photos with the kids (or my husband) are below, and they were all taken with a smart phone! It shows that you were there too. (Plus, I love how I can put as little or as much of me in the frame as I want!

smart phone photo tips, selfies, mom was there too, mother and kids

6. Print your photos! Just because you took the photo with your phone, doesn’t mean it has to stay there! I download my phone images right into my LightRoom catalog every 1-2 weeks, so that they are backed up, and added into my Digital Project Life album. (Check out my April album pages here.) But I’ve also discovered a new and amazingly easy app called Chatbooks. Once I get my first book in the mail I will share more on that! Either way, get those photos off of your phone!


P.S. Want more smart phone photo tips? Click here!

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