5 Daily Habits That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

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I am Neyssa Lee a Seattle area photographer, mom of 6, planning obsessed, and who help you see the beauty, love and joy, in your own family’s chaos. I also use my super power of time management to help fellow photographers take control of their businesses. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Seattle family photographer Neyssa Lee shares 5 daily habits, photo of woman standing with drink tumbler

Setting goals is a great start to growing your photography business. However, there are a few daily habits that I, personally, use to make sure I’m working towards those goals.

You can start making the most of each day with these 5 daily habits. (I promise, they are super simple and easy to implement into your life).


First, end each day by setting your intentions for the next day.

It may seem funny to start with the end of the day. However, this daily habit is all about setting you up for success the next day.

Spend 5 -10 minutes each evening reviewing the day ahead. Take note of appointments, kids’ school or sport events, or any photography sessions you may have. The second part of this daily habit is setting your to do list for tomorrow. (Make sure you check out the next tip before making that list too long).

This step is about saving you time the next day. Instead of spending time in the morning when things are typically a little more chaotic, you go into the day with focus and priority.

The next daily habit is to set 2 or 3 focus tasks for the day.

Your focus tasks are those that support your goals, for your photography business or your personal life. These are areas that need the most focus and are where you spend your time. Anything else on your list is bonus if you accomplish it.

By keeping the number down, it’s less overwhelming and allows a greater focus.

As a mom and business owner, I know how easy it is to have a never-ending to do list. Those are not serving you well though because you’ll never finish it. Leaving you feel defeated no matter how much you accomplished off the list.

Since I’ve implemented this daily habit of a couple of priority tasks, my day is not only more focused, but I also feel more accomplished by the end of the day.

The next daily habit is to put on your workout clothes first thing in the morning.

Reaching our business goals is important. However, so is taking care of ourselves. (Plus, I’ve found that when I’m taking care of myself, I’m a better mom, photographer, business owner).

Make it a daily habit to wake up and grab those workout clothes right away. Even if you can’t get your workout in first thing, you’re ready. As a mom of 6 kids, my workouts don’t happen at the same time everyday. I typically have to have everything set up first – like kids fed, and playing, or big kids off to school, or the baby napping. Yet, when that small window of time where I can fit that workout in happens, I’m ready. No wasting time getting on clothes, and no excuses.

My next daily habit may turn you off. But I ask that you give it a try.

Set your alarm to wake up before the kids for focused work time.

If you had an extra 3 hours a week without the kids needing things from you how much could you get done? A lot, I bet!

That’s waking up 1 hour before the kids 3 times a week, or 1.5 hours early twice a week. That’s do-able right? Try it. Set a timer on your coffee pot even, so it can be brewed and ready for you when you wake up!

With your priority task list of 2-3 things in hand (because you did the daily habit tips above) you’re ready to dive into something that will help you move the needle in your business. You’ll tackle something before your day has really started!

Lastly, stay off social media and out of your emails until after you’ve accomplished at least one thing from your priority task list.

This is probably the most challenging of these daily habits. I, too, struggle with this at times. You wake up, grab your phone and immediately are checking out what happened in the world while you were sleeping.

You know what happens then? Your brain is flooded with things to do, emails to respond to, party invites to RSVP to, etc. Not to mention the overload of other content that clouds your own creative juices.

By implementing this daily habit you can start to see how words flow for your own content. Imposter syndrome will lessen, and you will find your own voice.

I promise the emails can wait, so can social media. They are something easy to check while the kids eat breakfast or lunch.

Which of these daily habits will you try?

Start small by selecting just one or two of these daily habits and see how adding them to your day helps you start moving towards achieving goals with less overwhelm each day!

If you want to dive into habits even more, I highly recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Looking for more photography business tips? Head to the blog for a collection of articles covering all aspects of running a sustainable photography business. Plus make sure you join my newsletter for photographers for weekly tips, inspiration, and connection.

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  1. Great tips, Neyssa! I like the idea of setting intentions the night before. I haven’t tried it on purpose besides just generally thinking about what I have to do, so that could be a good one to implement. Also, I like the idea of picking the 2 or 3 focus tasks. That’s much less overwhelming!

    • Neyssa Lee says:

      Yes the focus tasks are big for me! It helps me make sure I’m not just doing those things that check off the most boxes and instead am focusing on the things that check off the right boxes!

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