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I am Neyssa Lee a mother of six, who is planning obsessed, and uses photography to help you see the beauty in your own family’s chaos. Learn more by heading to my ABOUT ME page.

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Hi, I'm Neyssa

Guess who is a 4 month old baby girl?! That’s right, Hudson! Of course, I’m feeling a mix of emotions towards my 4 month old baby girl. Like, how is she already 4 months old? Yet, she still feels so young (she is), but when I had Milo, I thought, what a big boy at 4 months old! I guess that’s how things change when you have older kids around.
Hudson is starting to show more and more of her personality. Right now it’s all about the fingers in her mouth. It’s so cute because Milo is always asking if his hands are clean so he can feed her his fingers.

4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyWhen I was doing her yellow blanket monthly photos, I had so many favorites, I couldn’t choose just one! Look at that bubble on the last one. That’s a new thing too. Blowing lots of bubbles. Sawyer isn’t so sure about that. (“She’s spitting!!!”) But I adore baby bubbles!4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyIt’s funny. When Sawyer was just about 4 months old we took the kids to Disneyland and San Diego. Here we are just before she turned 4 months old, camping over 4th of July weekend. Once again, my baby girl is still swaddled, another favorite baby detail. I know the time is coming where she won’t want to be swaddled anymore, so I’m glad to have captured this moment. As an extra note, this photo was taken in the shade at the beach, where she napped for 2.5 hours as we all played!4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyIt wouldn’t be monthly photos without a sheepy shot. She still loves tummy time.
4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyI can’t get enough of the fingers in her mouth while grabbing her shirt.4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyWe’re also practicing sitting in the Bumbo (with our fingers in our mouth, of course)! Hudson has been sitting at the dinner table with us. She’s been so interested in what we’re doing, I think she will be ready for solids when it is time.

4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant PhotographyOkay, one more photo of my 4 month old baby girl. 4 Month Old Baby Girl, Infant Photography

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