4 of the Best Books for Small Business Owners

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4 Best Books for Small Business Owners

If you don’t have a ton of time to read (like me), then you don’t want to waste that time reading business books that offer little value. These 4 books are the best books for small business .

These books either offer tangible advice and strategies you can apply or they will motivate and encourage you to be a better human, mother, business owner. 

So which books made my top 4 books that helped my small business list?

The best book for small business is “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller.

After hearing numerous people recommend Building a StoryBrand, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it. And I’m so glad I did. The book that is clear, easy to follow and actionable. 

This book is great if you’re having a hard time with your messaging and feeling like you’re not connecting with your client in your marketing. It will also change how you look at movies too.

Another favorite Book is “Do Less” by Kate Northup.

Kate Northup writes about being a woman in today’s world. Do Less talks about how we are running ourselves into the ground trying to do it all. While this book isn’t business specific I found so many strategies and topics useful for all aspects of my life. 

This book was a super fast read with short chapters. It is perfect for the busy mom and business owner trying to squeeze a little reading in while taking a bath, making dinner, and putting the kids to bed.

The top book for all creatives is “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This is a book you have to read if you’re a creative. (Here’s looking at you photographers!)

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert gives it to you straight. She encourages you to just get out there, do it, and allow your creative self to be set free. Her stories are beautiful and inspiring and leave you ready to take your creative business to the next level by being your most authentic self.


My final book on the best books for small business is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

Another book that I kept hearing people recommend and had sitting in my Amazon cart for almost a year. I should’ve read Atomic Habits earlier. 

I admit, at the time of writing this I haven’t even finished the book yet. However, a third of the way through it and I’m already feeling the changes.

This book is about changing habits in your life, a key element to running a business and living your best life.

I feel like I could keep going adding favorite books that have helped my small business, however, I promised 4, so I will stick with that.

What book would you add to the list? Which of these are you adding to your must read list? Share them below because I love adding new business books to my nightstand to read, too!

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