3 Ways to Find Blog Ideas That Move the Needle in Your Business

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When you hear the word “blog” what do you think? Are you filled with dread? Is that something you’ve put on the back burner until you have more time? Or maybe you’re blogging but just not sure it’s helping your business? Are you out of blog ideas that will move the needle in your business?

Blogging is SEO gold when done correctly. It is a way that helps your website get seen while helping your clients get to know, like, and trust you and your brand. So let’s start thinking of it like gold, roll up our sleeves and start creating content that moves the needle in our business.

I first want to begin with what your blogs should not be. This may be hard to hear, but your blogs are not a place to dump a gallery of photos and say, “look at this cute family!” No one is searching for that, and only that family cares about all of those photos. So while you want to share your work, you want to do so strategically in a way that helps your clients and potential clients.

So let’s jump into 3 ways to find blog ideas that actually move the needle in your business!

The first place to find blog ideas is to answer frequently asked questions in depth.

What are things that you get asked often by your clients or families inquiring about booking? Are you finding yourself explaining certain things over and over? Write a blog post, then when someone asks, you can link right to your great response.

Blog ideas include, What to wear for family photos, what’s the best time of day for family photos, where are the best locations, why your style of photography is right for their family, why you don’t (or do) use props for newborn work, etc.

Whenever I find I’m getting asked something over and over, I use that as inspiration and write a post.

Another strategy is to write about what you want to educate your client about when it comes to you and your brand.

Not everyone knows the questions they might have about working with you. Use blogs to educate them ahead of time. Address concerns that your ideal client may have before booking.

Examples of this type of blog idea include answering, are they are worried about their kids acting a certain way, or maybe they aren’t sure how to pose in front of the camera. Educating on your style, how you work with clients and even sharing client experiences can help them understand when they don’t fully know what to ask.

As a Seattle Newborn Photographer, I will find blog ideas from particular sessions. For example, I noticed that families who had a toddler and a newborn were seeming insecure during the beginning of their session because of how they feared their toddler would act. I decided that was the perfect time to educate clients about how I don’t expect anything from their toddler. This helps clients feel more at ease before they knew they might even worry about it.

Finally, write something from the heart that speaks to your client.

Not everything you write has to be about photography or photography sessions. Are you passionate about something else? Are you a master organizer or obsessed with all things baby? (I totally am….) Those are the perfect blog ideas.

Sharing other tips for moms or business owners or pet owners helps people connect with you on another level. While not everyone who reads these posts may be potential clients, readers are readers and help Google to know that your website is relevant. If your website is relevant you’ll show up in searches.

So share those other tips, ideas, inspiration, and motivation.

Is your brain just brimming with blog ideas now? Wonderful! Get to writing.

When inspiration hits, take notes, write down ideas, questions to answer, etc. Consider these three strategies as you sit down to write and get blogging. It takes time, but I promise if you show up consistently with valuable content you’ll see your website rankings improve and thus bookings increase!

Need a little help? I have a free Blog Format Template to help you get started.


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