3 Must Do Year End Tasks for Your Photography Business

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What year end tasks can you do for your photography business?

You’ve made it through another busy fall season! Take a moment and celebrate that!

As a small business owner, it may feel crazy to go from so busy to almost no clients. You may be wondering what you should be doing now. How can you close out the year to get yourself ready for a new year of business growth and goal hitting?

These three must do year end tasks will help you get ready for a fresh start, to build off of what success you had this year, and push even further.


The first must do year end task for your photography business is to say thank you.

Let your clients know how grateful you are for them. Sharing your gratitude and successes will help them feel apart of your photography business, your brand. It will leave them with a great feeling at the end of the year, all while helping build client loyalty.

You can do this through email, but I find it more personal to send holiday cards featuring my family. (Sometimes I even send small gifts to clients as well).

You can also say thank you to your newsletter list and your social media following. Those who were just following along the journey are potential future clients, they are apart of your journey and worth letting know you’re grateful they are there too.

(In my photography business I use Flodesk to send emails that are beautiful and easy to create. Plus, I use Liz Wilcox email templates to help me with what to say when I need it most!)

Saying thank you is a great year end task for your business because it gives you something to say without selling anyone anything.

The next must do year end task is to take time off.

For some of you, this may be easy. After a busy fall you’re ready to hang up your camera, shut the laptop and not look at it for a month! But if you’re itching to get the ball running for next year for your photography business, take a moment to pause.

You need a break. Spend focused time with your family. Experience the magic of the holidays without pressures of running a business. Pick up your camera to capture your kids for fun. Remember why you started your business in the first place. I’m sure the love of photography had something to do with it.

Practice some real self care. After a busy fall I treat myself to a nice massage and a girls night out. I also will spend evenings taking long hot baths instead of editing sessions or answering emails.

Taking this break will allow you to recharge and come back ready to tackle the new year. If you don’t take a break you’ll likely run yourself into the ground, losing your passion for your business. Take care of yourself, mama.

The final must do year end task for your photography business is to set goals for the new year.

Once you’ve recharged, time to start dreaming big. Start setting goals for the new year.

Instead of just diving into writing down goals, try this journaling exercise.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write about your photography business. What do you hope for the next year? Who will you photograph? Will you show up more on social media, blog more, launch a newsletter list, host those minis you’ve been dreaming of? What does your year look like? Nothing is off limits.

Another great goal setting task is to do a goals brain dump. Write down everything you’d love to do. Then get down to the nitty gritty and find your focused goals from these two exercises.

After you’ve shared your gratitude, taken a break, and set goals you’re ready for the new year ahead. You are ready to start in January tackling goals and building a better business.

Looking for more things you could be doing during slow season? Grab my FREE Starting the Year Off Right Business Checklist!

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